Join us on October 24th, 2015, from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm,  in Gannet Hall, for the Science Symposium, featuring Skidmore Scientists, Physicians, Researchers and Entrepreneurs.  The Schedule for the day is set forth below:

9 am, Welcome from Dean Beau Breslin, Gannet
9:15, keynote by Cynthia Green
10:15, Break
10:30, Panel 1, Science and Health, Moderated by Prof. Pat Fehling
11:30, Lunch in Murray Aikins Dining Hall (Second Floor)
11:45, President Phil Glotsbach Remarks: The State of the College and Why Science is a Cornerstone to our Success
12:00, Prof. Kim Frederick and Dean Beau Breslin on the Center for Integrated Sciences
1:00, Student Poster Presentations
2 pm, Panel 2, Science and Entrepreneurship, Moderated by Prof. Catherine Hill, Gannet
3 pm, wrap up/conclusion.

In Panel 2, Science and Entrepreneurship, we will hear Jon Brestoff, Courtney Mattison and Jason Lowenstein discuss their work, entrepreneurship and science.  Please join us.  616AAEAAQAAAAAAAAN8AAAAJDdjNWZhYmI4LTA0ODEtNDQ2MC05MGY3LTc1MTliYjc3ZGViOQ22a8389