Oh What a Night


Last night was the first night for StartUp Saratoga.  Oh what a night.  Over 300 people from across the region came to meet, chat and share their passions for entrepreneurship and a general love of Saratoga.  The following companies presented, including our own Stella Langat, Liz Worgan and Dave Flo.  They were awesome.  Thanks to all the MB350 students who were there, in force, to cheer them on.  Also thanks to Jason, from RPI, Todd from the Saratoga Chamber, and Steve from rucreative – without whom this event could not have happened.

The line up:

expex, inc. an automated accounts payable system & big company purchasing power.
Presenter: Anthony Lombardo

Double Ds a line of inexpensive bras for Kenyan women, in the sizes Kenyan women wear, in the color of their skin.
Presenter: Stella Langat

WorkOrder.es Inc. a mobile work order ticketing service for Landlords & Property Managers.
Presenter: Chris Thompson

AllStolen affordable, premium streetwear taking cues from high fashion & sportswear.
Presenters: Elizabeth Worgan , Dave Florence

Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) the first annual, summer tournament series.
Presenter: Tyler Schrodt



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