In his Freshman year, Alexander Nassief came in second in the Friedrich Business Plan Competition (FBPC).  His idea was to age rum in the ocean.  Since then he has filed for a patent, introduce an initial spiced rum, which is currently for sale in Domenica, and sunk the next generation of his premiere, ocean aged rum in the ocean off the shores of Domenica.  Black Pearl rum, named for the pirate ships that used to frequent the oceans in and around Domenica, is the premium rum that Alex described in 2013.  As Alex prepares to graduate, he will toast that achievement, with Black Pearl rum.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJwAAAAJDBhNmFkODVmLWU4YTYtNDc1ZC1iN2U1LTdkMmJjYjlkYzRlZQ