MyCity Brew

adsfcrqwrcqcJonah Epstein and MyCity Brew is helping Buffalo chose its own beer.  MyCity Brew will rely on a website and social media, as well as Kickstarter to generate a buzz around the concept. The brewers are also committed to a social aspect, which they feel will go a long way in the Buffalo community. “We’ll be posting a series of surveys and polls in order to narrow down the options to four different beers,” Epstein explained. “Once we’ve narrowed the choices, we’re creating four test batches of the different beers. In the summer of 2016, we’ll be holding an event where the community can come to taste test each of the different beers and vote for the one that they want to become MyCity Brew’s first beer. So, what we end up with is a beer that’s designed, tested, and selected, by Buffalo, for Buffalo. We’re also committing to donate 1% of all profits to local charities for an initiative were calling 1%BackforBuffalo. We’re encouraging other local businesses to jump on board and to the same.”  MyCity Brew will be launching a its Kickstarter campaign this fall. They anticipate to start brewing in 2016.



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