University Fellows Findings

uifmeetup2014collageThis year Henry Fabre, Weston Stewart-Tennes and Alex Nassief were named University Innovation Fellows by VentureWell and took the last semester to engage in a research project to determine how to make Skidmore more innovative and entrepreneurial.  They found that “[a]lthough there are innovators among the faculty … there is a disconnect between the institution, the students, and the greater community.”  They recommended building pathways to expose/highlight faculty research to the  greater community and inspire entrepreneurship in business and non-business majors.  They also found that, Skidmore has “three main incubator spaces: the Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition (KFBPC) …  Accelerate518, which is a regionally focused support service from promising startups; and Startup Weekend: Saratoga, which is open to anyone in Saratoga and allows groups to focus on different business ideas over the course of a weekend with a panel of judges who regularly check in and provide guidance as needed.”  However, Skidmore has no physical space for incubation or even brainstorming.  Henry and Wes have been working with Marta Brunner, Head Librarian, to see if resources in the library can be used as a group work/ brainstorming space.  Fro more information on the University Fellows work, go to:



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