Yesterday I was shopping for Christmas presents for my son’s girlfriends and went into Bumble Beads, a boutique/bead store near my house.  I met the owner, Karen Macielak (Skidmore ’82), another example of Skidmore’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit.

Bumble Beads Boutique prides itself in originality, because at Bumble Beads you can create your own accessories for any occasion! Along with our fabulous clothing, shoes, and jewelry name brands, they give you the opportunity to come in and design your very own unique accessory!

The boutique also hosts bridal showers and make your special day even more special by letting your bridesmaids create the perfect accessories that are unique to wear on your special day!  They also offer custom made bridal jewelry, shoes, and bouquets.

Bumble Beads Boutique is also one of the most creative and fun places you can host a birthday party! Each attendee can create their very own jewelry/beading and take part in the special activities we have available.