Come Cheer on the First Round of the FBPC

This Friday, February 26th, Skidmore will host the first round of the Freirich Business Plan Competition.  The competition is open to all, so come cheer on your friends and classmates in the Payne room of the Tang Teaching Museum.  Presentations start at 2:00.

Twelve teams have entered, with a diverse range of businesses.  From MyCity Brew, a company dedicated to beer for Buffalo, chosen by the people of Buffalo, to an app that lets you join in on a homemade meal.  Alex Nassief, who first entered the competition as a Freshman, will make his fourth appearance, presenting a business plan to commercialize underwater aged rum.  Claire Lindsay will enter the competition for the first time this year.  She is proposing expanding a retail farm stand/restaurant on a Hudson Valley farm.

The Competition is in its 6th year.  Over that time over 250 students have pitched over 150 businesses.  Ken Freirich, a Skidmore alum, started the competition in 2011, after serving as the College’s first Entrepreneur in Residence.  Ken believes that “[w]hen you challenge yourself beyond your confidence level, that’s when you really grow and learn. When you start to succeed and hit one home run, that’s when you see that the possibilities are endless.”


AllStollen in the midst of the creative process.  AllStollen came in 2d in the 2015 FBPC.


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