Stanford dSchool

Yesterday we visited Stanford dSchool.  What an amazing place.  In part for what they do, in part for how it looks, in part for how the use their space, but mostly because of all the amazing people who are teaching creativity.

IMG_0565-2This is Alex Nassieff ignoring me in the main quad at Stanford.

This is their main gathering space.  They have stackable foam cubes, or the floor, to sit on.

Their classrooms have no established seating arrangement.  Each class configures the seating to work for their students.  Top left is a gallery of Whiteboards, so students can keep track of their ideas.  On the right is Alex, in the thinking truck, which is inside the building.  The space is reserved for silent reflection and deep thinking (and occasional napping).

A portable gallery of this semester’s inventions and a gallery of all dSchool students – on the ceiling – where else?


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