FBPC Finalists Announced


Friday afternoon welcomed 14 hopefully businesses, committed and experienced alumni and business professionals, faculty, students and staff, to the DHall for the Freirich Business Plan Competition.  The presentations ranged from clothing, to food, to apps, to farms.  It reflected the diversity, ingenuity and creativity of Skidmore.  Here are the finalists:

  • Trovi International (Hadley Haselman ’17, Eli Johnston ’14 and Josh Chacko ’16)
  • Z’s (Izaak Cohen ’20) – Designer rolling papers
  • Auxnation (Noam Kahn ’18, Dhruv Singh ’18, Zack Jones ’18, Themba Shongwe ’18)
  • Music Match (Ian Carter ’19 and Nicholas Henning ’19)
  • Mélange (Nigel Smith ’19 and Samuel Evans ’19)
  • Fries First (Weston Stewart-Tennes ’17)
  • Kind Cultures (Graham Gilmore ’18)
  • Halo Venus (Yuelin He ’19 and Danning Ma ’17)

And their mentors:

  • Trovi International-Linda Toohey
  • Z’s-Gregg Smith
  • Fries First-Tal Chitayat
  • Kind Culture-Nancy Wekselbaum
  • Halo Venus-Katie Peper
  • Melange-Ray Bryan
  • Music Match-Chris Juneau
  • AuxNation-Brendan Wooten

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