An Entrepreneur Discovers Illumination on the Potter’s Wheel

From her early days molding clay on a kick wheel at summer camp to setting up a live-in ceramic studio and workspace in Saratoga as an adult, Gabriella Levy has been working with clay for more than a decade. It’s no wonder she is now founder and creativist at immerLit, a light-focused ceramic studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


It wasn’t until a ceramics class at Skidmore College, when a visiting artist forced students to work outside of their most practiced techniques (for her, the potter’s wheel), that Gabriella found her knack for hand-built light fixtures. “Had it not been for that assignment, I don’t know if this is where I’d be today,” she says confidently. Now the perfectly symmetrical clean lines of wheel-thrown bowls and plates that were once an obsession make her itch.

immerLit (‘immer’ stems from the German word ‘always’) is all things that go against Gabriella’s former reservations about artistry and imperfection, yet its handcrafted lamps channel an unabating passion for producing functional art. She started the company when she was just 25.

Drawing inspiration from the organic fluidity of nature itself, the hanging ceramic pendants embody the unrefined beauty of natural matter and movement. As many tiny pieces of flattened clay come together and are meticulously brushed, molded, and smoothed, each porcelain lamp tells its own story and grows out of an inexplicable spiritual relationship with Gabriella. You can buy online at:


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